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Sparrow Inspiration

Sparrows are social creatures and most commonly belong to a flock.  While faced with nature's challenges, they adapt and thrive, flying free in most parts of the world.  They are the inspiration for Sparrows-Austin.


Ernesto Raices is the proud father of an adult child with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  As his son aged out of the public school special needs programs, he found few options for adults with IDD to continue to have social, educational or growth opportunities thereafter.  His search lead him to visualize a space where his son could be surrounded by peers with similar challenges, who deserve social and emotional engagements just like everyone else.  

Join Ernesto by supporting this initiative to bring meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Ernesto and Enrique live in Austin, Texas.

E and En adult.jpg
E and En baby.jpg

About Sparrows Austin

Everyone wants friends, activities, and to be a part of a family.  Yet many people with intellectual and or developmental disabilities (IDD) have limited opportunities to make social connections.  Our goal is to create, and sustain, a safe space for individuals with IDD to not only  socialize, but to also promote opportunities to build meaningful relationships.


Sparrows Austin is proud to be a nonprofit organization that operates under the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. As a nonprofit, we are obligated to fundraise to meet the needs of our participants and staff and to operate sustainable programs.  Donations not only help to improve the wellness of participants, but also help to increase the community’s capacity to understand, embrace and support these individuals through enriching engagements. 

Outdoor, Fitness & Movement

Cooking Classes


Small animal care

Animal habitat Care

Swings and hammocks

Monthly Fitness Challenge
Group Workouts including yoga
Equipment Safety and Use

Music & Creative 

Crafting and creative Upcycling

Art empowerment

Music related activities 
Computer access and Use

Volunteer Opportunities

Animal Shelters volunteering support
Other volunteering opportunities support

Social and Entertainment

Community Field Trips

Bingo Night

Coffee Socials
Dance Parties
Game Night (Video games, Cards, Board Games, Puzzles and more)
Ice Cream Social
Juice Bar Happy Hour
Weekly trips to the library
Movie & Popcorn Night

Nature Hikes
Sports Watch Parties
Book Club

Fashion or theme parties

Events attendance, museums, fairs, concerts

Out to lunch opportunities


Our Goals

Spread empathy
through community engagements organized by Sparrows Austin

Increase donations to cover monthly operational costs and expand the activities offered

Expand Sparrows Austin services to other Group Homes and Community Venues

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